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Features & Benefit
The HD-500 endoscope series is an excellent choice to meet your need for both high quality imaging and ergonomic endoscopic performance. It provides sharp, high resolution, visuals and a comfortable insertion of the endoscope.

Light Weight Handle: Designed for the comfort of doctor in mind, the handle is light and ergonomic with controls within easy reach and customizable short cut buttons. With a comfortable, easy to use handle, doctors can perform surgeries and examinations with less fatigue and with less focus on the controls and to focus more on the patient and the operation at hand.

Water Jet: Fires a stream of water to efficiently clean tissue during GI screenings and surgeries providing doctors a clean view at any time.

High Definition: Miss less by seeing more with high quality images during routine or complex interventions. Incorporating a CMOS imaging sensor you will get crystal clear images with low noise level interference. With clear imagery operations are smoother, quicker, and increases your diagnostic confidence.

EG-500 Series
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